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Corporate Solutions

In today's globally changing times, CFOs and Treasurers are challenged with meeting quarterly projections that are vulnerable to fluctuating currency exchange rates. 

FX WiseRisk has simplified FX risk management from a  a complex, time consuming, and 24/7 corporate risk to a plug and set automated system that requires minimal touch. 

Understanding your company's FX exposure starts with seeing all of your financial reporting across all subsidiaries, business lines, and corporate accounts.  This can be an intensive process for a CFO or Treasurer to do on an on-going basis. 

FX WiseRisk can integrate across multiple ERPs and proprietary and private Treasury Systems and collect the necessary data to determine where there is FX risk exposure.

Data Analytics

Once data has been collected and consolidated, FX WiseRisk offers users an ability to review their FX risk exposure in a way that allows CFOs and Treasurers transparency and clarity so they can make smarter FX hedging strategy decisions.

Automated Hedging Strategies

Whether a company has an existing hedging strategy or has newly built one, FX WiseRisk works with the user to automate the strategy.  This includes being able to put in the place the following types of strategies:

1. Disciplined Value Strategy

2. Balanced Strategy

3. Opportunity Strategy

4. Customized  Strategy (guided by the company's unique strategy)

* All strategies benefit from netting

Simplified Dashboard

Once the company's hedging strategy has been put in place and is automated, FX WiseRisk's Dashboard allows companies to execute forward hedges directly through to their preferred trading(s) platform.  The Dashboard allows companies to see the following in real-time:

1.  Currency pricing

2.  Currency exposure broken down across all corporate accounts

3.  List of recommended trades needed to hedge newly identified FX risk

4.  Trading history

5.  Hedging preferences settings

Depending on the needs of the company, FX WiseRisk's dashboard can provide the following add-ons:

1. Budget rate analysis which allows companies to see where currency pricing is in real-time compared to their budget rate

2. Commodity information for companies that have exposure to fluctuating commodity pricing as well

3. Third party market analytics that a company is currently utilizing and that will help a company better understand their FX risk

Reporting with 5% Benchmark

FX WiseRisk in conjunction with a company's trading platform, can customize quarterly reports to measure the currency rates obtained through the hedging strategy against a 5% loss in currency rates for that time period.  Thus showing leaders within the company along with shareholders and board members the stability and predictability its hedging strategy achieved for the company.

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