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Portfolio Approach
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Building Your WiseRisk Portfolio

WiseRisk's Automated Strategies
Pre-configured and Customized

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Our Proprietary Technology

Proprietay Technoloy
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Active Management
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Active Management

Real-time Portfolio Updates


Automatic Strategy

Once a currency exposure drifts outside of it's designate range, the Strategy will automatically generate hedging trades to offset the risk


Price Optimization

All strategies include the Conditions Tool which notifies a company when exchange rates meet the company's desired rate.  This allows companies an opportunity to take advantage of that rate when possible


Real-time Data Collection

Any changes made to financial projections/forecasts, balance sheets, or unique events are captured in real-time and forward trades to offset any new risk or reduced risks are generated


Financial Netting

WiseRisk's intelligence based technology nets any currency risks that can be offset within the organization.  This allows trading efficiency

Contact us

Contact Us

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Boston Office:

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