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Simplifying FX Risk Management

Providing the freedom of stability


WiseRisk Technology

Key Features

1. Consolidate all accounts for real-time FX  

    exposure management

2. Reduce transaction costs through advanced


3. Benchmark quarterly gains/losses using a 5%

    differential to record stabilized performance

4. Execute hedging trades directly through the

    WiseRisk dashboard

Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 5.39.26 PM.png

Stabilized Performance. Financial Predictability.


Automate Your
FX Strategy

WiseRisk's Simplified 3-Step Process

1. Identify FX exposures across all accounts using 

    WiseRisk's intelligence based program

2. Set hedging preferences based on your existing or

    recommended FX risk strategy

3. Build a quarterly report template to cover analytics

    specific to shareholder/SEC requirements

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Plug and Set Approach

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FX Risk Overview

Where to Find Us

NY Office

132 W 31st 9th Flr

New York, NY 10001

Boston Office:

200 Lincoln St ste 302

Boston, MA 0211

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