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Simplifying FX Risk Management

WiseRisk is a turkey solution for SME's to manage their FX Risk

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Is your business impacted by FX volatility?

The constant fluctuation of exchange rates introduces uncertainty for businesses operating internationally that can impact financial performance, erode profit margins, and disrupt strategic planning

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Make FX risk more efficient and effective to manage

Whether you're looking to make your existing FX risk management program more efficient or establish a new one, WiseRisk is a turnkey solution designed to streamline the process

WiseRisk Software

WiseRisk makes FX risk management more efficient and effective for SME's operating internationally. Through integration WiseRisk consolidates your companies FX exposure data across all systems and sources to give you a clear picture of your total FX risk. Setup pre-defined hedging rules and WiseRisk automates the rest; monitroing your FX exposures, generating recommended forward trades to hedge, executing those trades to your counterparty, and reporting your risk reduction strategy

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WiseRisk monitors your FX exposure Data

Company Systems

WiseRisk consolidates and calculates your exposures while identifying natural offsets


WiseRisk recommends forward trades to hedge

Trading Partner

WiseRisk provides live quotes and seamless execution to your counterparty


WiseRisk records your hedging activity

Custom Reporting

WiseRisk provides customized reporting of your risk reduction strategy

A peak into your dashboard

Get a clear picture of your FX exposures

Eliminate manual tasks in the hedging process

Protect your business from FX risk through automation



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Boston Office: 200 Lincoln St ste 302, Boston, MA 02111

New York Office: 287 Park Ave S 2nd Flr. NY, NY 10010

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